Welcome to the website of HPYE Web Corp!

This is the combined site of all websites under the HPYE Web Corp name. Our sites cover a wide variety of topics, and are unique and colorful. Founded in 2010, our first website, Doudouhead.com went up. It is all about the wonders of the faraway Redstar Galaxy and the planet Harakcoope. Our other sites are about many topics -- they are listed below.

HPYE Web Corp Site List:

  • Doudouhead.com - A site about the faraway Redstar Galaxy and the many creatures and cultures that are within it. Note that the name of the primary animal in the galaxy, Doudous, get their name from the word 'soft', doux, in French.
  • Hendama.com - A site about yaks, owls and photography
  • Rtqwe.com - A site of randomness and fun all about Japan and Canada
  • Liyricsland.com - One of the main cultures of the Redstar Galaxy as explained on Doudouhead.com, doudouheads, are intelligent enough to write songs. This is a lyric site about Doudouhead popular songs.
  • Shiner.com - Shiner is an important aspect of human culture in the Redstar galaxy, go to Shiner.com to learn more.
  • ShiningEtoile.com - A fun site about exaggerated accents, France and stars.
  • Squareeyedsaturn.com - An online encyclopedia about the now defunct Saturn cars.
  • Hpyepokecards.com - Once for listing Pokemon cards, now just a place holding site
  • Harianweather.com - About the weather of major cities on Harakcoope, a planet in the Redstar Galaxy
  • Hootowl.com - A site full of owl enthusiasm. It is still a work in progress, but will include all types of owl pictures, posts and more. 
  • Headrightnowiam.com - A random site anyone can add to/edit. [Currently unavailable.]